Proyecto Erasmus+ (2019-2021)

English summary Project.


The project "Music and Arts in Nature: a Kind Approach to Life" aims at engaging teenage students

in the discovery, promotion and respect of the natural, artistic and cultural heritage across their

national boundaries. For this purpose, a group of 20 students aged 10-14 years old coming from 4

different countries (Italy, Spain, Bulgaria and Turkey) will travel to the partner countries and will be

accompanied by a team of 3 teachers every time an exchange takes place. The partners have been

selected by the leading organisation among those who comply with certain characteristics, namely

the music and artistic vocation of their schools; the age of their students; the role of Music in their

curriculum, and finally the use of innovative didactic tools that aim at strenghtening students' digital

skills. We believe that the project and the mobilities within the project will contribute to create a

bridge between Mediterrenean and Eastern Europe, giving its participants the opportunity to share

their different artistic traditions, discover natural and historical beauties and deepening their roots

and the origins of their cultural traditions. Not only does the project aim at consolidating cultural

bonds by means of an interdisciplinary approach, but it also wish to increase the participants'

sensitivity towards music and sounds and its strong connection with Nature. A particular concern is

reserved to those students with learning disabilities or disadvantages, who will enjoy a range of

activities that will reach them through a variety of channels and fit with their different learning styles.

Indeed, the activities proposed are varied and multisensory (visual, acoustic, kinesthetic), involving

the 5 senses and empowering the students' soft skills. The activities proposed range from excursions

to beautiful and unique natural places (volcanoes, rocks and lakes) to the listening or performing of

concerts in a natural frame. The students will also visit historical monuments in the cities, that witness

the incalculable value of national cultural heritage and the necessity to preserve it. They will be

engaged in both scientific and artistic workshops (on volcanoes, on painting the nature, on the

making of a pot) that will allow them to use their sight, their hands and the body, in a totally inclusive

environment. Inclusivity will also be ensured thanks to the use and improvement of the digital skills,

which constitute the matrix of the project and a shared educational approach. For this purpose, prior

to the mobilities the students will communicate by means of E-twinning, in so doing they will take

advantage of the tools offered by the platform to share multimedia materials and get more confident

with the digital tools. Such confidence will also be enhanced by the leading organization and the

Spanish partner, who will hold two joint teachers training (September 2019 and March 2020) on

digital learning tools. The aforementioned countries will use their expertise to train the teachers

involved towards a conscious, safe and creative use of the digital tools in the teaching process. The

training will be immediately put in practice with the students, who will create digital products in tune

with the methods proposed (CLIL, flipped classroom). The project will be constantly implemented

and promoted by means of E-twinning activities, the creation of a blog, a Facebook page and various

gadgets, and its longer term benefits will be the new scientific and artistic knowledge acquired; the

new approach to teaching and learning thanks of the acquisition of digital and cross-curricular skills.

The project also aims at producing an impact on local organisations, who will become familiar with it

thanks to the activities promotion:we envisage a future cooperation with such organizations, that will

surely contribute to non-formal learning of our students.